That Was A Ghost! - Horriying Errie Scary Story to tell in the dark
The Silence

The Silence

Horriying errie scary story to tell in the dark.

Scary Story from Reddit:

In 2036, humanity, through the American government, made contact, for the first time, with beings not of this earth. At first screenshots and recordings related to this incident were widely circulated on message boards and such but with no comment from the government, most users disregarded it as fake. Only some of the more out there conspiracy theorists really clung to it.

On ‘realskepticforum’ you could see many people point out the ‘obvious inconsistencies’ of the screenshots, concluding that it was nothing more than bad CG, or some kind of deepfake. 2 years later the U.S government made an official statement, confirming it as true, and stating that they had been able to keep up a steady exchange of information with a race of beings located in a different solar system. The press went crazy, but eventually, the buzz died down. Their worlds were of course expanded, much in the same way it was when we found out there were more solar systems than ours, but, just as with that, in the end, most people didn’t really care that much. Scientists were having a field day, though.

Through these messages, we found out that these ‘aliens’ were quite similar to humans in many ways. They were further along in their technological advancements, and they weren’t bipedal, but they were similar enough. In 2047, after a total of 193 messages, they suddenly stopped.

They called it “the silence”. It became a famous term, and much discussion circulated around it. Speculative articles abounded, and for about half a year, it was pretty much all we talked about. Well not really, maybe like 10% of conversations, which is still a lot though. But eventually, the buzz died down, again, just like it always does.

Then at last, in the year of 2067, a final message came in:

“The sky has turned red. In about an hour we will be extinct. It seems we brought it to you. We’re so sorry.”

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