The best horror movies of all time
The 5 best horror movies of all time

The 5 best horror movies of all time

From poltergeists and slashers to zombie apocalypse, here are the best horror movies to watch right now!

What made me pick these films?

Halloween is always the most frightening time of the year, but these films will surely send a shiver down your spine. 

Firstly these are my seasonal spooky favorites! I try to watch them every year.  They have all got sequels and were heavily made and turned into franchise so there are hours upon hours of chilling movies to enjoy… or not!

5. Wrong Turn

This SIX PART American horror story base on a West Virginian Cannibal family who set up traps to hunt their dinner! Made in 2003 this isn’t that old compared to others but it’s still a classic!

4. Paranormal Activity

 If something goes bump in the night what would you do? Well it’s 2020 so I would set up a camera! With a modern twist on a classic idea this  paranormal horror series is based around a family haunted by a demon that stalks, terrifies and ultimately murders several members of the family and other bystanders during the course of the SIX films.

3. Hostel

Everyone goes on holiday, but if you’re planning on going back packing across Europe you might reconsider after watching this horror trilogy!

2. Dawn of the Dead

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk amoung us. The originals though back when they didn’t sprint. Although the remakes are classics aswell with great stories and too many films to list. I wanted to make this joint first and probably on some days it is.

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Put the kettle on we’re having dinner tonight! This classic needs no introduction. It’s the original cannibal killer. Originally was made in 1974 and with a new one next year .

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